Connecting With Jesus

An Ellen White Global Book Distribution Project

Click to DonateConnecting with Jesus is a worldwide project sponsored by the General Conference and the Ellen G. White Estate. It is a Spirit of Prophecy distribution plan to place two million sets of 10 Spirit of Prophecy books, at appropriate prices, into the hands of church members around the world in printed and electronic form. These books will have study guides for each book. These study guides prepared by seminary students at Andrews University are ready for distribution and translation into various languages. The rapid expansion of the Seventh-day Adventist Church demands that our members, young and old, know what Spirit of Prophecy counsel God has for His last-day church as we head into the final conflict.

The Spirit of Prophecy has been instrumental in establishing so many of God’s institutional activities for His church: publishing, health, and education. Also, the Spirit of Prophecy has guided the pastoral, evangelistic, missionary, and administrative expansion of the church. In fact, the Spirit of Prophecy has counsel on just about every aspect of life including theology, lifestyle, personal health, the family, the home, young people, interpersonal relationships, personal stewardship, you name it! The Spirit of Prophecy is still guiding God’s people and always will until the Lord returns. If you have any questions about the project visit our Contact Us page.

Watch the entire four part program: Connecting With Jesus Appeal, as seen on Hope TV Channel. Hosted by two General Conference Vice Presidents: Mike Ryan and Ted Wilson, along with a variety of special guests throughout the hour long program.

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